Animal Drive

Animal Drive is a young progressive hard rock band who are ready to be uncaged upon your ears! Originating from Zagreb, Croatia, the band was formed in 2012 by founding member and vocalist Dino Jelusic who is primary writer and driving force to the band’s sound. More recently, Dino was chosen by the late Paul O’Neill to tour as a featured vocalist with the extravagant Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Joining Dino is the incredible guitarist Keller who release a ferocious guitar attack onto the audience.
The thunderous Rokindja on bass and heavy hitting Zvone on drums completes the band’;s vigorous sound. Influenced by bands such as Dream Theater, Whitesnake, and Skid Row, Animal Drive take their listeners on a wild ride of musical satisfaction. Animal Drive has signed with the internationally acclaimed Frontiers Records Srl for a worldwide release. The debut album “Bite!”is released in February 2018 and numerous festivals are scheduled and a tour is being planned to support it.

Dino Jelusic (26) – singer, composer, founder of the band Animal Drive. His 1st stage performance was at the age of 5 and since hasn’t stopped developing his vocal skills and music education. Dino performed on big stages with big names nationally and internationally. He is multi instrumentalist (main instrument piano/keyboard) and member of Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Keller (25) – guitarist, plays Les Paul/Marshall, great stage performer with sensitive feeling for the audience. Keller played in several hard & heavy bands including „Fireball“ and played as support for Guns’n’Roses.

Rokindja (29), bass player, plays Schecter Stargazer and Ampeg/Brugera; back vocalist, very experienced, played in numerous bands including heavy metal band „Flash“.

Zvonimir Mihaljevic – Zvone (25) – drummer, plays Yamaha, played in previous versions of Animal Drive and now back in the saddle again. He has the groove!

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